Gem Crest Bracelet

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Capture the sublime moment when the sun illuminates the spray at the crest of a wave. Choose your own hue of sunlight with a brilliant faceted stone. Then ride a wave of compliments when you wear this elegant bracelet.


Sizing for bracelets

Cracks or breaks from metal-stress is caused by repeated opening and closing of cuffs, and are generally impossible to repair. This problem can be prevented by properly putting on a bracelet: slip the bracelet opening over the side of the wrist, rather than the top, starting at the soft spot about two inches from the wrist, and roll it on. Do not enlarge or tighten the bracelet on or off the wrist. Be sure you're ordering the correct size for your wrist. Our stock size is medium, which is appropriate for most wrists from 6 1/2” to 7 1/2”. Customers with wrists measuring smaller than 6 1/2” should order a small, larger than 7 1/2” should order a large. **PLEASE NOTE** Any size other than a Ladies Medium is considered a special order and a final sale. Measure carefully! If you're in doubt about the sizing, try a Ladies Medium.